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Acrylic Kalimba 17 Keys

Acrylic Kalimba 17 Keys

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  • High-Quality Material: The Kalimba thumb piano is handcrafted with high-quality clear acrylic and ore steel bars.
  • Embossed Notes & Hand-rest Curve Design: The keys are embossed with letters and notes, which help beginners and kids recognize and memorize the keys.
  • Portable Instrument: This thumb piano is a portable instrument that you can take anywhere - parties, travel, camping, and play music to relax yourself and bring happiness to friends and family.
  • A Very Special Gift: If you want to give a special and creative gift to your friends, kids, or family, consider this thumb piano; it won't let you down.
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Clear Sound Quality

Acrylic kalimbas are known for their bright and resonant sound, providing clear and crisp tones that make your music stand out.

Modern Aesthetic

The transparent acrylic material gives this kalimba a sleek and contemporary look, making it visually appealing and unique among traditional wooden instruments.

Durable and Lightweight

Constructed from sturdy acrylic, this kalimba is both durable and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and resistant to wear and tear.


What is it made of?

High-quality clear acrylic.

Is it beginner-friendly?

Yes, with 17 keys and embossed notes.

Is it portable?

Yes, it's lightweight and easy to carry.

Is it a good gift?

Yes, perfect for friends and family.